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  “Hair is the symbol of beauty and virility”    

The significance of hair as an indicator of gender, social, religious and professional status has been as great as that of clothing, jewellery, tattoos, weapons, and even crowns which goes back at least as far as the Neolithic Age.  

Hair transplantation practiced in the early days always resulted in a "clumped" or "bristles brush" appearance. It took more than four decades for hair transplant surgeons to develop significant improvements to make the results more aesthetic and natural looking. At present with the Follicular unit transplantation more number of hairs can be transplanted in a single sitting giving an aesthetic and more natural looking hair line. It can also be done for eye brows, eye lashes, moustaches and beard areas. Now hair transplantation is most sought after cosmetic procedure throughout the world. 

The first Hair transplant in Kerala was done in 1975 by Dr. K.R.Rajappan who is the first generation of Plastic surgeons of Kerala State. In 1992 we have shifted from plug grafts to Mini & Micro grafts, to FUT in 2004 and started FUE in 2010. We have evolved with time and technology. 

Now Specialists Hospital is a Super specialty Hospital with more than 27 years of experience in Cosmetic, Plastic & Microvacular surgery which is the first of its kind and perhaps the only center in Kerala doing Hair transplant surgery with state of the art technology using the most modern equipment by highly skilled team of doctors and well trained staffs. 


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